25 Ways to Celebrate Your Company Anniversary

  1. Create an Anniversary logo and tagline.
  2. Apply the new Anniversary logo to stationery, website, brochures, signage, email signature, manuals, tradeshow booths, uniforms, annual report, catalogs, menus, boxes, shopping bagsā€¦
  3. Send an electronic Anniversary announcement.
  4. Include the milestone logo inside a Holiday Greeting Card.
  5. Add a special Anniversary link to the company website.
  6. Send a thank you note inside an Anniversary Card.
  7. Link a QR code to a special message or webpage.
  8. Write an Anniversary newsletter campaign.
  9. Install an office/factory banner.
  10. Offer a limited-time Anniversary service or product.
  11. Issue a press release announcing the anniversary.
  12. Host an open-house.
  13. Invite clients to a reception/cocktail party.
  14. Gather employees for a special picnic, banquet or party.
  15. Hold a special sale.
  16. Give out a corporate Anniversary gift.
  17. Hold a contest.
  18. Design a commemorative plaque or time capsule.
  19. Produce a historical timeline booklet or video.
  20. Make an Anniversary specialty item such as coffee cups, pens and calendars.
  21. Place an announcement in newspapers and trade magazines.
  22. Sponsor a local event.
  23. Extend charity support.
  24. Announce the occasion on Twitter or Facebook.
  25. Bake a company birthday cake!

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