How to Announce a Company Relocation

Notification of a company moving corporate offices can be treated as a mere clerical task or a means to connect with clients, prospects, suppliers and associates. This is a significant occasion to present branding, values, employee recognition and history, all of which builds credibility. This company event can be a tremendous marketing opportunity in disguise.
Here are a few tips on designing a moving announcement:
  1. Include photos of both the old and new location.
  2. Maps can help to visualize the move as well as provide interesting content.
  3. Add any interesting historical moments to the narrative.
  4. This announcement can also be used as a Save the Date Open House invitation.
  5. A message from the President can be a part of the communication.
  6. Music can provide a positive backdrop for the presentation.
  7. The company tagline or mission statement should be highlighted.
  8. The company logo can be prominently and memorably presented through various graphic design tactics.
  9. The announcement can be displayed on the company website as well as emailed to the entire client and employee databases.
  10. Don’t forget to provide a link to the company website at the end.
A successful announcement will help immensely with the logistics of the transition as well as subtly market the firm.