How to Announce a New Website

Like a trailer for a new movie, an announcement video for your new website can build anticipation and drive traffic to the site. It’s an opportunity to hook interest as well as highlight elements that may have been missed by the casual visitor. Part entertainment and part informative, a website announcement generates a curiosity by hinting at something other than just another website. Aesthetics, movement, and music all play a role in motivating a viewer to click to the new site.
What is often missed is that this is also a tremendous opportunity to market the company. Being in front of a client or prospect with pertinent information demonstrates the value of your company. Introducing the new website with a new logo can significantly increase the importance of the announcement while timing a release date on a milestone such as a company anniversary can also influence success. Perhaps the greatest advice of all is to be brief. Most people’s attention spans peak at about a minute.
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