How to Design a Company Anniversary Logo

This milestone mark serves not only as an announcement but a continual reminder of this significant achievement. The design process can be made much easier by deciding on one of two basic approaches taken to create this mark.
Most anniversary logos display either a celebratory spirit or a longevity stamp. The spirit logo is often presented by a flourish script font, bright multiple colors, stars, exclamation marks, fireworks, sun bursts or confetti. The arrangement is loose, open and moving. The words celebrating, celebration or years is dominant in the design.
The longevity logo is a heavier type, monochromatic, tighter and is presented in shields, banners, seals, laurel leaves, arcs and boxes. The number of years is dominant and solid. The company is portrayed as substantial, credible and proud.
Both approaches are completely valid and come down to a preference. One is emotional and heightens morale, community involvement and lends itself to events and gatherings. The other achieves a strength, longevity and reliability.
Decide on an approach and all visual elements tend to flow together.