How to Create a CSV File

These instructions will cover the steps needed to create a recipient list by converting an Excel file into a .csv file so that it may be uploaded to our sending system and used to send ecards to your list.
  • Step 1: Export your contacts to an Excel file

Export your contact list to an Excel file. Open the Excel file in MS Excel or equivalent software you use for spreadsheets.

  • Step 2: Format Information

Please edit and re-arrange your data so that it looks like this:
Column A must have the First Name
Column B must have the Last Name
Column C must have an Email Address

If you do not have first names or last names, the columns must remain blank. See the following example:

Please also ensure all your email addresses are correct. Otherwise you will increase your chances of the ecard going to spam.

  • Step 3: Saving the File

To save the file, go to ‘File’ then ‘Save As’.

Here, you can upload your recipient list, add a custom message and enter in sender information. If you have opted out of having a custom message, the custom message block will not be there.

Once you’ve clicked ‘Save As’, this screen will pop up.

Enter your filename, select where you want it to be saved, then click the drop down menu for File Format.

Select CSV and press Save.

You will be prompted the following screen:

Select ‘Save the Active Sheet’ to finish.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate on contacting us.