How to Send an Ecard Through our Sending System

We will provide you with a link, username and password to login to the system to send your ecard.
  • Step 1: Login

Click the link we sent to you in an email. It will take you to your sending system account. You will be prompted with a login.

Enter your username and password in the blank spaces and click ‘Log In.’

  • Step 2: Choose the ecard you want to send

After logging in, you will be brought to a screen that displays your ecard thumbnail. If you have multiple cards, all of the thumbnails will be displayed.

Click Send New Card under the e-card you’d like to send.

  • Step 3: Filling out the Form

After clicking ‘Send New Card’, you will be brought to this screen:

Here, you can upload your recipient list, add a custom message and enter in sender information. If you have opted out of having a custom message, the custom message block will not be there.

  • Add Recipients

First, you need to add your recipients. There are 2 ways to do this:

1) You can enter manually, like bellow.

2) You can upload a list of recipients. In order to do that, you need to have a correctly formatted .csv file. Instructions on creating one in our format can be found here: or by pressing the highlighted button:

The first name column and the last name column are optional and do not need to be filled in. To add another contact, click the + Add Recipient and another space will appear.

Once you have your file ready, click ‘choose file’ to upload. If the file is correct, the list will populate and look like this:

  • Add Custom Message

If you would like to enter a custom message, type your message in the box. Please note there is a character limit for your custom message (highlighted below).

  • Sender Information

Enter in the Sender’s information. The sender’s email address is where any replies will be directed to as well as where the delivery receipt will be sent to.

  • Send you Ecard now or later

There are 2 ways to send your e-card:
1) Send Immediately: To send the card right away, select ‘send immediately’ then press the Send button.

2) To send at a later date, select ‘schedule your message’.

Select the date and time you’d like the ecard to be delivered, then press the Send button.

When the card has been sent, the screen will return to where you selected your card, and a green box (like the screenshot below) will come across the bottom right of the screen confirming the card sent or was scheduled.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate on contacting us.