How to send your E-Card through MailChimp

Once your e-card has been completed, we will provide you with a thumbnail (image) that you need to save and a link (URL) to your e-card.
  • 1.  Login to your MailChimp account and create a new template.
  • 2.  Click the ‘Image’ button to insert the e-card thumbnail (image) that we provided.
  • 3.  Inside the image container, click on the ‘Browse’ button.
  • 4.  A list of images you have used before in MailChimp appears. Click on the top-right corner ‘Upload’ button to browse and upload the provided image file, and once it is placed on the list, click on it.
  • 5.  Now that the thumbnail is placed in the container, click on the ‘Link‘ button on the right hand side of the e-mail template.Inside the image container, click on the ‘Browse’ button.
  • 6.  In the following screen, select the option ‘Link to’ with ‘Web Address” and paste the URL (Internet address) to your e-card. Then click ‘Insert’.
  • 7.  Next, click on the ‘Text’ button to insert your copy. Click “Save and Close” when completed.
  • 8.  Once your template is completed and ready to be sent to your contacts, select the template and click “Send Campaign”.

Type in the recipient e-mail address(es) or upload your contact list and click “Send”.