How to Send Your e-Card through Microsoft Outlook

  • 1.  Inside the e-mail body you are making, insert the thumbnail image by pasting it or uploading it through the Image icon in the tools under the ‘Insert’ tab. Once you can see it inserted in your message, click on the image with your mouse. A blue stroke will appear around it.
  • 2.  In the tools upper bar, under the tab ‘Insert’, you’ll find the option ‘Hyperlink’. Click on that icon.
  • 3.  A new window will ask you for the destination the link will take the viewer to. Locate the bottom text bar called Address, and type the URL link that we will provide you with. Ignore everything else in the window and click ‘OK’.
  • 4.  The image will now be linked to our e-card. You won’t be able to test it while typing the message, so send yourself a test to see if the end product works to your satisfaction.