Three Reasons to Celebrate a Company Anniversary

Whether it’s 5 or 150 years, every anniversary is a significant and opportunity-filled occasion. It’s a testament to the many years of success and acts as a new beginning for new goals to reach and better things to come.
  • 1. Client Connection: People do pay attention. Your longevity is a measure of success. Business relationships are based on trust and an anniversary demonstrates stability and worth. Build on this connection by presenting the company’s history, accomplishments and little known attributes. Put all of that hand in hand with a “Thank You” and clients will feel appreciated and build loyalty to your brand.
  • 2. Employee Morale: Staff spirit can be tremendously boosted by being a part of this celebratory event. There is a sense of pride and energy associated with the milestone. The sales team will now have a theme to rally around, building upon the company’s rich history and credibility.
  • 3. Marketing: Contacting customers is easy and can be done in many forms. You can offer special pricings, discounts, special product features, and new additional services. You can mail a card or send an email. Plan an open house, party, picnic, lunch/dinner, or conference. Gifts with your company name on them make perfect sense in furthering your brand. As well as issuing press releases and placing advertisements.
Investing in an anniversary can reap great rewards and the cost can be as little as creating an anniversary logo and placing it on the company’s website.
Ideally, a company anniversary should be a year where you can spotlight your company, launch new initiatives, attract positive responses and build new relationships and solidify old ones.
Rolfe Benson

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