Privacy Policy

At Vivid Graphics, Ltd. we respect the privacy needs of our clients. This Privacy Policy will outline what information we gather and how it is used.
Maintaining the privacy of your information is our top priority as we would like to instill confidence and trust with all of our clients. If you have any questions regarding our practices please feel free to contact us.

Collecting Information and use

Vivid Graphics, Ltd. will collect client information (“personal information”) to ensure proper identification; some examples are when an application for our services is filled or when we communicate with you. Other types of information we may collect include: name, identification information, contact information organisation, title, accumulated information, payment details, as well as enquiry/complaints. Personal information may also be collected through interactions and communications with us including; email and information through phone call. Other details or information may also be collected, either directly or indirectly, from the client or from third parties including: public sources, information service providers and related companies as well.

Vivid Graphics, Ltd. may use or disclose information in the following cases: inform clients of services, billing, provide client support, to meet legal requirements, communication of service changes, communication of third party content, and company promotional content. Vivid Graphics, Ltd. is the sole user of this information and will not distribute this information for any other purposes. In the case of promotional content and certain types of communication, clients may elect to unsubscribe in these instances and procedures for this are easily available.

Client Distribution List and Use

Vivid Graphics, Ltd. will collect information from clients for our sending system for the purpose of sending out electronic-cards. Information from the sending system will not be distributed or used outside of client requests.


Vivid Graphics, Ltd. has invested greatly into server, database, backup systems and other technologies and utilize third party services to store all client information. We work with closely with our internal technologies services and service providers to ensure that your information is secure.

Changes of Policy

Changes to our policy may happen, in the case that this does occur we will ensure that all changes are communicated to clients through our website, or elected email lists.

Contacting us

If you have any inquiries about our privacy statement, collected information, or practices, please contact us:

Tel: 604.738.4019

United States:

1420 Fifth Avenue
Suite 2200
PMB# 220035
Seattle, WA 98101


1806 Pine St.
Vancouver, BC V6J 3C9


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Found a design you like? Need advice on
choosing an effective design?