How to Announce a New Partner

Announcing a new partner is important company news. It shows real appreciation of the individual as well as provide a tremendous opportunity to promote the firm. Any contact with clients and prospects is always beneficial but promoting a significant company development such as a new partnership highlights the firm in a positive way. Many firms miss out on this marketing opportunity by simply sending a static email that is often rationalized by cost savings. The reality is that recipients usually skim these emails because they appear somewhat similar to other emails they receive. More often than not, many will also ignore any emails that require even a smidgen of effort to read through. We are in an age where attention is obtained by degrees of entertainment and novelty which means information needs to be transmitted creatively and concisely to be viewed and remembered.

Here are a few considerations before designing your next new partner announcement:

  1. Ensure the photo(s) of the individual are clear and representative. Often the background can be distracting and could be changed or eliminated.
  2. Make the copy concise and meaningful. Editing is essential.
  3. Highlight the new partner’s best achievements but also, add a link to their full bio page for further qualifications and distinctions.
  4. Include the new partner’s signature in the presentation.
  5. Integrate the firm’s identity prominently into the presentation. Animate the logo to establish more presence. Display the company colors subtly. Add a tagline for emphasis. Include a link to the firm’s website to provide more information.
  6. Place the presentation on the company website for further content.
  7. Utilize the presentation as a portable introduction for the partner’s new contacts & prospects.
  8. Include background music to add appeal.
  9. Create a mobile version to ensure that the presentation can also be viewed on mobile devices.
  10. Use the presentation as a template for other company news.

Keep in mind, people will always retain and pass on information that is thoughtfully presented.

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