Every business struggles with finding real reasons to get in front of clients and prospects. The following opportunities are often routinely dismissed as unimportant or worse, treated with a simple email or perhaps a postcard. Here are a few overlooked, but very important events that are great opportunities for marketing.
1. Moving Locations

The most important aspect about moving to a new location is that your clients know where you’re relocating to. You can take this moment to create a buzz by inviting your clients to a open house to showcase your new space or announcing the move through a video. It’s bound to attract attention and it’s a fantastic way to re-enforce what your company can do.

2. Mergers and Acquisitions

A well-planned and well-executed marketing campaign is necessary before, during and after any merger and acquisition to ensure a smooth transition for both your employees and your clients. By sending out press releases, creating branding initiatives and setting up Q&A sessions, you can strengthen and solidifying your relationships; Creating a positive communication.

3. New Logo

A new brand identity signifies an important change within your company. It is also instrumental in capturing the attention of clients and prospects. A new logo is successful when it is effectively marketed, making your brand instantly recognizable. Write a blog post about it, share the new design on social media, or animate it and display it in a video on your website.

4. New Website or Design

Your website is your internet address. It’s the first place your clients and prospects will visit when they’re looking for more information. A new website design is an opportunity to drive more traffic to your site, which is imperative to increasing sales. Craft an e-mail or video to send out announcing your new website. Invite guests to explore your site and ask for feedback. It’s a great way to improve upon your new design while advertising new features and reconnecting with clients.

5. New Employee

Announcing new employees can build team spirit from within and show employees they are valued and welcomed. It can also demonstrate how you’re diversifying your business with new people and new talent. Setting a up a webpage with a short bio on your employees can establish an emotional human connection by putting a face to the name of your firm’s brand. Share this news on your social media pages, like LinkedIn or Facebook, to encourage further interaction.

6. Corporate Anniversary

An anniversary isn’t just a number or a date. It can be a celebration that can last for the entirety of the anniversary year. It can boost employee morale and create excitement. It’s an opportunity to reinforce or reinvent your brand. It can start with just a blog post outlining the history and past successes of your company. From there, you can also create videos, press releases, posters, events such as a fundraiser, community activity, or company party. Here are 25 ways you can celebrate your anniversary.

Most customers are not only interested in the features and benefits of the products and services that are offered; They are also interested in knowing more about the companies they’re buying from. A little creativity and timing can turn a seemingly mundane company event or milestone announcement into a much anticipated occasion.