1. Change the color to your corporate color

Matching the color of the ecard with your corporate colors distinguishes that this is a card unique to you. Sports teams use colors on jerseys to stand out; do the same with your card and your corporate color.

2. Incorporate your logo in the design

Your branding is uniquely you. Static or animated, having your logo and branding become part of the design makes the card feel more custom. An interesting use of your logo will leave a lasting impression on all those who view the card.

3. Personalize by adding your photos

Changing the photos can really bring a more customized and exclusive feeling to your card. Whether it’s adding a staff photo or showcasing your office or corporate events, changing the photos will ensure no one in the world has quite the same card you do.

4. Change the copy for a unique message

Bring a unique and well thought out message into the card that reflects your company’s motto, values and beliefs. An engaging message will let the recipients know that the card they’re receiving embodies your company’s sentiments and wishes.

5. Add your signatures

Having a signature incorporated into the card brings a little bit of personal touch.

6. Emphasize your company locations

Demonstrate your reach by highlighting your company locations and incorporating them into your card. Add photos of your different offices or pinpoint each location on a map.

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