7 Ways to Improve Open Rates/Click-through Rates for your Holiday E-card

Email is a powerful marketing tool that enables you to communicate with your prospects and customers. The success of any email campaign depends on the number of people who open the email (open rate) and the number of people who clicked the link (the click-through rate). To ensure that your holiday e-card will be opened and viewed this holiday season, it is important to consider the following points below:

7 Ways to Improve Open Rates/Click-through Rates for your Holiday E-card

1. Engaging subject line and email template
A well-crafted subject line is crucial to open rate. It is the first thing the recipient sees. Entice curiosity but make sure the subject line is not too long. Personalizing the subject line with the recipient’s name can also be beneficial. Don’t use spam triggered words. In your e-mail template, include an eye-catching thumbnail of your e-card design, logo and a small animation to encourage recipients to click through.

2. Include Extra Content
Include a message from the president or unveil a new logo in your e-card. Allude to this detail in the copy of your mail out so that the audience can look for this in the e-card.

3. Send Personalized e-cards
Make it personal. Use recipient names in subject line, first line of email, and even within the inside message of the e-card. Send using a personal work email instead of generic company email. Add a human touch and make it more personal.

4. Segment/Clean up mailing lists
Segmenting lists can have a positive impact on open and click-through rates. Segment your list based on existing customers, prospects, locations, product interest etc. Once you’ve segmented your list, you can also customize the messaging inside your e-card to target these different segments. It’s also important keep a clean list of engaged subscribers. Periodically review and remove inactive subscribers and bounced email
addresses. Let recipients know how to opt out and promptly honor opt-out requests.

5. Time your send
Sending your e-card out at an optimal date and time is crucial to having high open and click-through rates. It is important to perform some A/B tests and use previous email campaign data to identity which time frames work best to send for your target audience.

6. Mobile Optimization
With the advancement in technology, more and more emails are now being viewed on mobile devices. It is therefore extremely important to ensure your e-card and email template are mobile optimized so that they display properly on phones and tablets.

7. Share on social media
Share your e-card on LinkedIn, FB, Twitter, and even your website for greater exposure to reach a wider audience.