1. A greeting card is an open invitation for contact.

You have established yourself in a positive light and gain valuable time inside of your client’s or customer’s mind.

2. They are targeted to your client base.

Sending your greeting card is an effort to solidify the client base you already have. Let your customers know that you care enough to put in this effort to check in with them — happy customers lead to more referrals down the road.

3. It isn’t marketing.

Your greeting card will put your name and company in front of your recipient, but as a personal message rather than a general advertisement.

4. They will remember you.

Dedicating the time and money into producing and sending a greeting card will leave an impression on your client. They will think of you first next time they need your service.

5. You will be put on display.

What other business tool would your clients put on display upon arrival? A customized greeting card will act as a miniature billboard for your business in their workplace.

6. An effective way to announce important corporate milestones.

Have a corporate anniversary coming up? Perhaps a merger or move to a new location? These are perfect opportunities to reach out and connect with your clients and customers on a personal level.

7. Greeting cards are welcomed.

Have you ever received a personalized greeting card envelope in the mail and dismissed it? Greeting cards are an excellent way to rise to the top of a mail stack.

8. Another dimension to your networking practices.

A tactile sentiment is a welcome change from the world of digital social media. Reach out to your network on a personal level and avoid getting lost in the noise.

9. Maintain great client relationships.

“A business absolutely devoted to Customer Service Excellence will have only one worry about profits… They will be embarrassingly large.” — Henry Ford

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