1. Company Anniversary

Celebrate this milestone by incorporating your anniversary logo into the ecard.

2. Company Locations

Emphasize your reach by showcasing your offices across the country and around the world.

3. Charity Participation

Participating in the community and giving back are excellent things to highlight. You can even have your recipients vote on a charity to donate to.

4. Employee/Partner names and/or pictures

Add a human touch to your brand by featuring photos or messages from your employees.

5. Company Tagline

Add a little bit of extra branding by including a catchy or memorable tagline.

6. Company Values

Incorporating your company values demonstrates your commitments to both your employees and your customers.

7. Achievements Awards

Show your commitment to excellence by proudly displaying your achievement and highlighting your successes.

8. Links to your website and/or Social Media

It may seem obvious, but having a link to your website or social media channels on your ecard will direct more traffic to your website.

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