4 Ways to Keep Your Business Connected During the Current Pandemic


With the unprecedented Covid-19 crisis we’re currently going through and the social distancing practices put in place by many regions, it may feel increasingly difficult and frustrating to keep up with clients, employees and coworkers. Here are some of the best ways we think you can keep yourself connected:

Email: It may go without saying, but email still may be the most effective way to connect directly. Sending an email to touch base with your employees/co-workers is a good way to directly open a line of communication. Connecting to clients via email is also important and necessary to keep them aware that your firm is still open and still available.

Calling/Video Calling: If the most direct form of communication is what you need, calling is the best alternative to in person face-to-face meetings. Whether it’s a one-on-one call or a conference call, reaching out via phone is the best way to handle any meetings within the company or with your clients. The addition of video conferencing and screen sharing from programs such as Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts further enhances the benefits of calling. It allows you to simulate face-to-face communication.

Social Media: Social media is a strong tool for business. However it has now taken on even more weight as it is one of the strongest means of keeping up with the current events around the world. Utilizing Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter allows you to keep up with what’s happening with coworkers, employees and customers. The other big benefit is you can connect to your desired audience quickly and easily.

Send An Ecard: A ecard may at first glance seem like an outlier compared to email or social media. However it can offer unique benefits that the others lack. Sending a ecard conveys positivity and a more direct “thinking about you” feeling rather than an email blast or social media post. A well put together ecard promotes positivity and joy, something which is essential in uplifting morale. It can also lead to increased brand loyalty from both customers and prospects. Many companies including ourselves are offering free to use “thinking of you” ecards: https://ecards.vividgreetings.com/thinkingofyou/cards/completed

All of these ways to stay connected have their benefits and drawbacks. However, when used in conjunction with each other, they can greatly bridge the gap that isolation from social distancing and working from home has caused. We recommend you use a combination of different ways to effectively and most importantly continue to stay connected.