4 Ways to Keep Your Business Connected During the Current Pandemic

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With the unprecedented Covid-19 crisis we’re currently going through and the social distancing practices put in place by many regions, it may feel increasingly difficult and frustrating to keep up with clients, employees and coworkers. Here are some of the best ways we think you can keep yourself connected: Email: It may go without saying, [...]

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10 Ways to Add More Branding to Your Holiday Greeting

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Holiday cards allow you to connect with clients, but they are also a creative extension of your brand. While you can send a generic design, a customized card — complete with your branding — adds meaning and increases brand affinity. Once you have chosen a holiday card design, there are many opportunities to extend your [...]

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What’s the secret to success?

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Once at an industry lunch, I sat beside a very successful print executive.  This was at a time when digital was on the rise and print companies were vanishing.  His company was flourishing.  I was convinced he had the secret to success so I asked him:   "What works for you in marketing to bring in [...]

7 Ways to Improve Open Rates/Click-through Rates for your Holiday E-card

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Email is a powerful marketing tool that enables you to communicate with your prospects and customers. The success of any email campaign depends on the number of people who open the email (open rate) and the number of people who clicked the link (the click-through rate). To ensure that your holiday e-card will be opened and [...]

9 Tips to Create an Effective Holiday E-card

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Sending and receiving a greeting card, especially during the holidays, has been a longstanding tradition. But sending a successful holiday e-card campaign depends on careful planning and execution. What do you want to say? How do you want to say it? These are just a few of the questions to ask when creating your holiday e-card. [...]

6 Ways to Make an Ecard Your Own

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1. Change the color to your corporate color Matching the color of the ecard with your corporate colors distinguishes that this is a card unique to you. Sports teams use colors on jerseys to stand out; do the same with your card and your corporate color. 2. Incorporate [...]

8 Things to Include in Your Ecard

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1. Company Anniversary Celebrate this milestone by incorporating your anniversary logo into the ecard. 2. Company Locations Emphasize your reach by showcasing your offices across the country and around the world. 3. Charity Participation Participating in the community and giving back are excellent things [...]

6 Ways To Maximize The Power of Your Corporate Holiday Ecard

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1. Email to your entire network. Send your holiday greeting to clients, prospects, associates as well as employees and suppliers. 2. Place your company greeting on your website homepage for the month of December. Not only may this improve SEO with current topical content, it also provides [...]

9 Reasons Why Greeting Cards Work

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1. A greeting card is an open invitation for contact. You have established yourself in a positive light and gain valuable time inside of your client’s or customer’s mind. 2. They are targeted to your client base. Sending your greeting card is an effort to solidify the client base you already [...]

8 Reasons Why You Absolutely Must Have A Landing Page Video

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The landing page of your website is like your company’s front door, an introduction to your business and a place to make people feel welcome. Studies show that the length of the human attention span on the web is now less than that of a goldfish; so how do you catch people’s attention and get them [...]